Tuesday, July 14

Hibernation or hiding?

image Hazel Dormouse hibernating

Well as you can see I haven’t been exactly prolific in my posts since returning to my blog.   I actually have quite a lot to say but I can’t seem to get round to saying it. 

So, what I have been doing since the Solstice?  I’m not sure, the time has passed but I’m not entirely sure how I filled my days.  I occasionally visit my favourite blogs – even if I don’t leave a comment I try to keep up with what everyone is doing.  Leanne’s garden is looking lovely, Laoi has been ill (hope you’re better now dear heart) but she bought a moleskine journal (which would cheer anyone up), Miss*R is healing the earth (with a little help from her friends – including yours truly) and healing herself by telling her story and looking for Kali.  Dave is too good at cricket, identifies with Hamlet and a sloth and posted some very disturbing photos of himself ‘having fun’.  Z enjoyed a beer festival and forgot to post one day…I don’t think those two points are related.  Mary is taking a summer break from Hugh & Camellia.  Cathy is busy being pregnant…

I could go on, so many blogs, so many lives, so many friends…but I think it’s cheating to make my blog a condensed version of everyone else’s posts.  What I will say is that I’m so grateful to all my cyber friends for hanging in there and not giving up on me.  Whether you’re leaving comments, sending emails or connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter I really do appreciate it.  Thank you.