Wednesday, April 16

A head so large it's blocking out the sun

I'm trying to be modest about a recent achievement but then I thought 'to hell with it, I am proud of this' so I'm blogging about it. People who have been with me since the beginning of this blog might remember this post and may have noticed that I got very quiet about all that kind of thing after making some bold statements.

I'm sure you'll understand that I was pretty busy with other things for quite a long time so it all went on the back burner. But that's all over now and recently I got busy with my hands and first produced this...

It's a cotton dish cloth...glamorous and exciting I know, but I'm just learning and I needed something easy to begin with.....

So you can imagine my own amazement when my next project was considerably more challenging and I actually managed to do it.....

Check it out!! A fingerless mitt...see that little thumby bit there? I did that! In case you think I've lost my mind (or my left hand) I realise they come in pairs and I am halfway through the second one but I couldn't contain myself any longer and just had to show off.

I'm already planning my next project. I think this is a disease.

Thursday, April 10


My favourite time of year.

And it's only just begun.

Wednesday, April 9

End of an era

Aislin finished kindy today. It was sad. They presented her with her kindy workbook and went through some of the entries. Then they all sang a 'goodbye song' and I took photos and tried to pretend my eyes were watery because I had hay fever....of course I wasn't crying!

Stay tuned, her first day of school is coming up soon.

Sunday, April 6

The thing

On Friday I had to collect the thing. I mentioned it in my previous post because I was somewhat nervous about the whole event....particularly falling over during the event.

I didn't.

All went according to plan.

I got the thing....and here it is.....

And I got to wear a nice gown and a funny hat. Please note - mortar boards are not conducive to good hair - and they leave you with the worst hat hair you've ever seen....but they are worth it for the sense of occasion they create.

At last...I am done.

Thursday, April 3

Beam me up Scottie...

Dear Universe

Hi, how's it going? Bet you're surprised to be getting a letter from me eh? Yeah, well I thought it might be an idea to resort to good old fashioned, straightforward letter writing because Dude, we have got some serious communication issues you and I. Allow me to explain.

I currently seem to be experiencing a break in transmission or perhaps some kind of virus that causes my dreams, ideas and wishes to scramble so that when they finally reach you they are obviously indecipherable. You, in your infinite wisdom and obviously trying to be helpful, think 'hmmm, not sure what that was, I'll just send some crap her way and see what happens'. I'm sure you have your reasons but I am now requesting that you cease and desist from any further sending of shit in my direction. Capiche? Because things just suck, and have done for a while now and as if it wasn't all sucky enough, today brought it to new heights of suckiness that made me want to just stick hot needles in my eyes....or better still somebody else's. It's as though every little inconvenience, annoyance and big bloody screw up that can happen, has happened and frankly my friend I blame you.

Look, it's not that I'm ungrateful, have done so much cool stuff...what with the all the rainforests and infinite possibilities and so on, but right now I am formally asking, in writing, for what I want.

As follows:

1. Sleep. Lots of it, no more sleepless nights, prowling the house, praying that I'll walk into a wall, convinced that a mild concussion will at least let me get some rest.

2. Answers. To all those questions, you know what they are. Just tell me what to do. Clearly and in an unambiguous manner. I don't get subtlety and hints - it needs to be IN MY FACE. Just sayin'.

3. This weekend to disappear. I'm not looking forward to it, you know why. Just get it over with quickly - like pulling off a band aid - rrriiiiiippppp! I'd be in your debt.

4. For that mean old lady's knickers to fall down in a public place. Yeah...her.

5. Money. Yep go on, why not? A great big pile of it please. No strings attached.

6. Opportunities. That I actually understand. Need I say more?

7. Health and happiness....well OBVIOUSLY.

8. World peace (and if you could give some special attention to Tibet right now I'd be grateful, they're in a bit of a kerfuffle over there).

9. To not fall over tomorrow when I'm in front of all those people getting the thing. You know.

10. Something to wear for collecting the thing, preferably something I already own that looks good (yeah I know, it's a big ask).

Ok, that's it for this week. I hope that all makes sense, if not just ask, don't guess.....please. I shall look forward to life getting considerably better a few minutes after I press 'publish'.

Lots of love

Caitlin XX

P.S. I was most definitely kidding about you being to blame - it's not you it's me. I'd just appreciate a bit of extra love from you right now if you can manage it.

Tuesday, April 1

Anyone would think it was April Fools Day

Things were going well, the children were out for the day and I had work to do. Things were completed, fun was had, blogs were read, eBay was checked, tea was consumed and chocolate was eaten. A good day by all accounts. Aislin had a school visit this afternoon so I picked her up from kindy and dropped her at school, while she was there I ran an errand and then waited, for the last 20 minutes, in the car. Happily listening to the radio.

The school bell rang and in I went to collect my offspring. It was when we got back to the car that things began to go awry. Which resulted in this.....

And my children looking like this......

Please Mr RAA man, can you fix our car?

And he did...and all was well (we need a new battery).