Sunday, May 2

Working for the man

Well actually I seem to be working for the Lord.  Last Thursday I started the temporary job I was offered (hence my absence). 

This particular role is with a large educational organisation, would it give you a hint if I said I had to get used to seeing pictures of the Pope everywhere and it’s the only place I’ve ever worked that has a chapel? I’m guessing it would.

I’m working with a team of numeracy consultants who basically train teachers in the methods for teaching numeracy in schools.  Interesting work.

This workplace is the antithesis of my last workplace.  The pace is gentler, not that it isn’t busy, just a different attitude to the busy-ness.  It’s all women (you may recall in my last position I worked in a team of 14 and I was the ONLY woman).  Obviously the motivation is quite different in this workplace.   They have a commitment to learning and education where spirituality isn’t a dirty word. It’s early days but so far I like it. Not that I should get too used to it as it is only for a month.

Anyway, being back at work full time will curb my blogging habits but I’ll try and get here when I can.