Monday, June 16

New and improved

Well hello there. Finally.... I have returned. I have optimistically titled this post 'new and improved' but really only time will tell. There is every possibility that this blog is just as old and crap as it always was so don't get your hopes up.

So what has happened since last I posted anything substantial? Well, first of all....winter came...we have had fog and rain and cold (I know you've missed my weather reports).

Then it got really was this cold this morning.


Apart from that it's just been me spending a couple of months stumbling around in a fog of melancholy and confusion. It seems that after quite a few years of having life a certain way I woke up and found that things had changed. They'd changed in a good way, but suddenly I had access to the person I used to be before I was a mother. Suddenly I had the time and space in my life to be the old me a bit more. Trouble was I couldn't remember who the old me really was or what I used to do (oh by the way, I'm still a mother - I haven't sold them on eBay, tempting as that might be). I won't go on about my recent experiences in this post but I can't promise I won't mention it again. Because it's been interesting (for me anyway) and as you know, the more trivial, self absorbed and inane a topic....the more I want to write about it. You're warned.

As well as not blogging, I've hardly even been reading my favourite blogs, so I'm now doing the rounds trying to catch up on everyone's posts - so you'll be finding a comment or two from me. I was reminded in an email from a blogging friend recently that one of the best things about doing this crazy blogging thing is the community that develops and the cyber friends you make (not to be confused with Cybermen - because they're just creepy and not that friendly). She's absolutely right. I didn't start this with that in mind, but it's been a bonus.

So I'm glad to be back, thank you to all of my cybermen cyber friends who commented supportively and also those who were supportive by email. I hope you don't live to regret it as I come crashing back into the blogosphere.

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Dave said...

Welcome back.

miss*R said...

you know, I love blogs that are real.. the ones who write about trivial, self absorbed and inane topics... leave the fluff out for sure! I find blogging is kind of like therapy.. except it is free!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dave, it's good to be back and lovely to see you over here.

Hello Miss R, as always you hit the nail on the head. I shall continue my free therapy with gay abandon. :-)