Monday, January 25


That’s me, completely hopeless. I had every intention of doing at least a couple of posts a week. In case you hadn’t noticed it hasn’t happened. I’d like to use the fact that I’ve been ill for a week as an the excuse. So I will. No really, I’m not well. Horrible flu thing with violent coughing, achy joints, snuffly nose, croaky voice. It’s not a pretty sight … or sound.

Anyway, here I am now. With very little to report other than the afore mentioned flu.

If things had been different I had hoped to report on the party I went to on Saturday night and the Art and Wine festival we attended on Sunday (we had invitations to two different wineries). Sadly I didn’t get to any of them due to, you guessed it, the flu.

I should have had that flu shot.


Instead I shall report that I complained a lot, slept a lot, and played Farmville. Until today that is….but I’ll save that for another post (see Dave, I’m getting the hang of it now!).


Z said...

Oh, poor you. I hope you get better soon. Blogging's been something of a lifeline to me in hospital, but then I haven't been I'll. And I daresay it's been dull to read anyway.

Dave has become the master of spinning out a theme, however small, for days. One can only admire.

Anonymous said...

Were you blogging on your iPhone? The best thing I ever bought. I had two hours to kill between school drop off and my doctor's appointment today and spent it emailing my sisters from a coffee shop. Such small things make me very happy.

Cathy said...

i love your posts...they make me laugh...KEEP BLOGGING!