Tuesday, April 19

A post…of sorts

Well, here I am posting to my blog, for no other reason than to get Dave to stop nagging me.

One of the reasons I’m not posting is that I’m too exhausted or busy when I’m actually at home. I hate posting at work because, while I'm happy (indeed keen), to whip up a quick post in my lunch break I absolutely loathe the blogger posting page. It annoys me and messes with the formatting and is generally displeasing and time consuming. I prefer Windows Live Writer but don't have it on my work computer. Excuse made.

So, what's new in Caitlin's world I hear you ask (you did ask didn't you?). Well, there have been a few developments since January. I was asked to move to a new job (with the same organisation) and I accepted. I've been in the new role for a couple of months now, it's ok. Not quite what I'd hoped but I have a very good boss who is keen to let me develop the job to my liking and at the same time hopefully improve the processes we currently use. So, fingers crossed it all works out that way. If not, I’ll be moving on. Life’s too short.

Other than that it's been business as usual. No amazing new adventures to declare, no exciting plans to travel the world and no new children, pets or husbands to report.

If this is all a bit dull for you…sorry, but imagine what it must be like for me.


Dave said...

How lovely to hear from you. Keep this up and you may get some readers.

Dave said...

ps Could you write your posts at work, save them on a memory stick, and then post them when you get home?

Anonymous said...

Readers??!! Yikes...that would create an obligation!

I actually did do that a couple of times...and discovered the unposted files on my USB several weeks later...short term memory loss. I should try again though. It's all a matter of getting back into the habit really.

laoi gaul~williams said...

ahhh i have been an awful blogger of late and finally here playing catch up :)