Saturday, May 14

Saturday morning

I was very happy to see the weekend this week, work has been busy…and I mean chaotically, crazily, non-stop, exhaustingly busy.      

I didn’t enjoy that much.

Not only did I not blog, Facebook friends may have noticed that I wasn’t around there much.  I did pop by long enough to see Z’s hens waiting for morning tea and to hear from Dave that blogger was down (which clearly I hadn’t noticed for myself), I also saw that Donna has a new job and Nicola sold her house.  I was too tired to even tell everyone I was too busy to update. 

On the upside I managed to complete 4 major projects that have been hanging over my head, so at least I can sleep again. Of course that just means they will immediately be replaced by something else, but for now I’m in denial about that.

Last weekend came and went in a flash, we had a number of engagements and of course Mother’s Day (which wasn’t nearly as relaxing as I would have liked) but Tom and the girls still treated me to breakfast in bed which was nice, if a bit rushed.

This weekend is shaping up to be a little bit busy too but hopefully I will have time to blog again and perhaps even do a little advance blogging for next week.  It’s not that there’s no news…just not much time to pass it on. 

As you were.


Dave said...

Well it's lovely to know that you're still alive anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm quite pleased about that too. Although if I weren't I'd probably have more time to blog from beyond the grave, in between tuning my harp and fluffing up my cloud of course.

They have blogger in heaven don't they?

Dave said...

They better have.

And twitter in Hell.

Z said...

I got a lot done while Blogger was down. A couple of days more would have been quite good, really.

Z said...

Twitter in Hell sounds like a curse, Dave.

Anonymous said...

You're right Z, it does sound like a curse, I might even use that one.

Dave said...

It was meant to be.