Tuesday, July 26

Melbourne Belated

I mentioned here and probably somewhere else on my wide interweb presence that the girls and I were going to Melbourne in the first week of the school holidays to hang out with my youngest sister (Fiona – known as Fi or Feebs) and her family.
I’m finally getting round to writing a brief, mostly pictorial, post about the trip.
There was some of this….
…and a little of this.
We took the female children to Build-a-Bear for some of this…
…yes, I know…it’s a dragon not a bear, his name is Norbert.
This one is a bear though…although you can’t tell yet because it’s still unstuffed.
Then we belatedly celebrated Hannah’s birthday…
We also went and saw this…
…well actually we saw the whole exhibition not just the banners but there was a ‘no photography’ rule in there so the best I could do was the banners.
And on the final day I took the four older children to see Harry Potter 3D at the IMAX theatre.  It was the highlight for Aislin (here in Quidditch robes).
All in all a busy, but extremely satisfying and enjoyable, week.


Dave said...

I must say I'm not sure I would have found it fun.

Caitlin said...

I can guarantee you wouldn't have found it fun. That's why I didn't invite you.