Sunday, April 6

The thing

On Friday I had to collect the thing. I mentioned it in my previous post because I was somewhat nervous about the whole event....particularly falling over during the event.

I didn't.

All went according to plan.

I got the thing....and here it is.....

And I got to wear a nice gown and a funny hat. Please note - mortar boards are not conducive to good hair - and they leave you with the worst hat hair you've ever seen....but they are worth it for the sense of occasion they create.

At last...I am done.


Leanne said...

oh well done you!

many many congratulations!!

Leanne x

Pixiedust said...

Congratulations, on the thing. I just found you through Leanne's blog and read your last post with interest,I do hope the Universe has stopped sending you crap this week and that things are looking up. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leanne and Pixiedust (cute name) for your wishes!

Pixiedust, things haven't quite settled down but I'm optimistic!

Cathy said...

congratulation son your graduation! did the girls get to come and watch? bet they were proud of their mummy!