Monday, June 15

Meet Jack

About 5 weeks ago  we had an unexpected addition to our family. I say unexpected because although I have whined endlessly about wanting a dog (no pun intended there), Tom has been less than keen.  Until we met Jack.

He came home and took up temporary accommodation in a a cardboard box (lined with a pink baby blanket as you can see).  

He was quite timid and frightened at first and every noise in the garden had him on alert – note the tail tucked firmly between his legs.

However he soon settled down and we discovered that one of his favourite pastimes is chewing.  He started on his bed…

He has a range of toys, this blue plush doggy is one of his best friends, Bill.  He doesn’t chew Bill but uses his presence to reinforce his innocence, when caught chewing other things, by providing an alibi. 

He now has a much more robust, fancy, unchewable and really bloody expensive bed.

He’s very spoilt and indulged and he repays us by being completely adorable, house training quickly with no trouble at all, learning to sit in a matter of minutes, and walking beautifully on the lead when he had his first walk yesterday (he’s just had his 12 week vaccinations which means he’s free to mingle to with other dogs - and ducks, as you can see from this picture). 

Jack didn’t have a great start in life, he was removed from his mother by less than reputable breeders at the age of 5 weeks, he then had two other temporary homes (with his litter mates) so that we were his 4th home when he came to us at only 8 weeks old.  

However he has settled in well and certainly seems to appreciate being with us and enjoying a somewhat pampered life.   In return he is eager to please and gives us hours of fun and lots of love.   We’re all very happy.


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

he is soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!
an english bull terrier by the look of the last photo-yes?

Dave said...

He has big feet. That indicates he will grow to the size of a small pony.

I want him.

miss*R said...

what breed is he? a little cutie..

Anonymous said...

He is a 'mixed breed' but yes Laoi there is probably some English Bull Terrier and Staffy according his 'rescuer'.

Dave, I can send him through the teleport for the occasional holiday with you if you like.

Thanks Robyn, I think he's rather lovely too and I've never met such a cuddly dog - he's become my shadow.

Mary Sharpe said...

I like the idea of a shadow.

I mentioned you on HUGH AND CAMELLIA in today's post. I hope that's ok. If not, let me know and I'll change it.


Z said...

He's adorable. And he'll grow out of the chewing habit in a few years.

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely fine Mary, actually I completely agree and understand about 'summer' - it gets unbearably hot here but it doesn't have to be that hot to have me complaining. I don't enjoy warm weather very much.

Z, when I was a child we had a labrador that chewed everything, my mother came home one day to find he'd chewed half the sofa. I'm not joking either. Hopefully Jack won't be that bad - touch wood. I keep telling him he's lucky he's cute or I'd have baked him in a pie by now.

Sorrow said...

That is a very sweet face...
came by way of Miss Robyn..