Saturday, September 26

Another week

Well another week passed and I didn’t get a post in.  I did do the one with Aislin’s missing teeth (more of a brief update than a post) but I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of a post (I’m using Windows Live Writer to write posts) so it didn’t arrive on the blog as it should have. 

Anyway, I’m here now and I will get better at this.

Early this week I was feeling very pleased with myself because I had more or less caught up on the unbelievable amounts of work I had to do.  Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I had to attend some ‘induction’ training sessions with some managers from other areas and pretty much lost a day and a half’s work time. Consequently when I left work on Friday night I looked with dismay at what had been a fairly empty in tray, that was now overflowing. Not to mention the pile of lever arch folders on one desk and a pile of manila folders on another – all needing my attention. Sigh.  Busy week next week then, good job I’m efficient :-)

In other work news I had a meeting with my boss (the general manager) this week and he told me that he was very pleased with me and I was doing a good job and he hoped I was in it for the ‘long haul’.  I smiled and nodded politely.  I feel a bit bad about the fact that I will be leaving as soon as I get the opportunity.



laoi gaul~williams said...

oh dont feel guilty!
will you be able to one day go back to your old work environment? i looked back at the pictures and your work space was so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I had my own business and worked from home Laoi, I certainly hope to get back to that some time (in the not too distant future).