Saturday, September 26


Two posts in one day…not quite the same though is it? I forgot to say something.

Tom and I will be DINKS this week (Double Income No Kids). The girls are on school holidays and will be down at their Grandparents’ farm. Tom is also on holiday but he has exams this week so he’s staying home to study and then sit those exams. I’ll be working.

I’m not sure what it will be like to get up in the morning and only have to get myself ready and organised. Also coming home in the evening and not supervising homework, feeding children, bathing children, reading stories and putting them to bed. It will be strange. And a little less exhausting than usual I suspect. I will miss them though, when they go away I enjoy the peace for about 24 hours then I start to pine a little.

Jack will miss his litter mates (as I jokingly refer to them) but it also means he will get our full and undivided attention so I think he’ll enjoy that for a while.

So a strange week ahead.


Dave said...

I expect this will mean even more time for blogging.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps. Or I could put the time to even better use and have a rest.

Cathy said...

i know what you miss the kids when they're not around - and life seems eerily quiet - but such times do help you to retain your sanity!! Enjoy!!