Saturday, October 3

Pay Back Time

I mentioned last week that Tom and I were child-free for a few days.  It was quite pleasant.  Although I was working I still felt as though I was having a little holiday.  I had no-one to worry about but myself, I could get up in the morning, have my coffee and read my emails then wander off and have a leisurely shower, get ready for work, have another coffee and an uninterrupted chat with Tom before getting into the car and driving to work in silence.   In the evenings I’d arrive home, Tom would hand me a glass of wine and we’d discuss our day, then we’d eat dinner and on two nights we even had time to watch a DVD and STILL get to bed at reasonable time. 

However, (there’s always a ‘however’ isn’t there?) last night on my way home from work I stopped and picked up our nephews who will be staying with us for the weekend.  You may recall that this is an arrangement we have with Tom’s brother and his wife.  The difference is that this time I will be looking after the four children on my own.  It might feel a bit like this….


Tom is away all day today and all day tomorrow.  I don’t really mind, they’re good children and don’t give me any trouble.  The noise levels sometimes need to be controlled but apart from that it’s easy. 

So in the space of 24 hours I’ve made the transition from no kids to four kids.  I have to say, although I did enjoy a peaceful week there’s nothing nicer than seeing their sweet little faces.  Especially when they’re asleep. 



Cathy said...

lol love "the way it might feel" - I can so relate to that picture...and yes, there's nothing sweeter than watching your children sleep :)

Ravenoak said...
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Dave said...

So this is where you were last night. I spent ages standing on a Parisian street corner.

Anonymous said...

Oh that explains it, I was standing waiting on the Pont Neuf.

We missed each other.

Dave said...

You could write a blog post about your farm.