Sunday, February 7

Deprivation..or is it?

A week ago I temporarily deactivated my FB account. I needed to stay focussed on some other important jobs and it’s too easy to lose hours on the various sites and general internetting that I do.  So I have entered a period of what I thought would be web deprivation.

However, I’m here to report that it really hasn’t been as bad as I thought – the first two days were the worst.  A FB friend sent me a text message on day 2 asking how I was coping…I told him ‘crap’.  Then after another day or so I started to notice how much I was getting done (not blogging obviously).  I caught up on some work I was behind with, I listened to some teleclasses and audiobooks while I was working and got a little bit inspired to do some other things.  It’s been good. Really it has.

I have to confess that I do pop back to Facebook every few days to tend my farm for 15 minutes, then I shut it down again.  I also had to leave it open for a day so that a friend in Egypt could add me – but I didn’t spend any time there and as soon as he’d done that I closed it down again until I’m ready to be permanently open. 

I think eventually I will be able to reactivate it and just not spend as much time there, but to begin with I had to make it a bit more definite.    

Go me.


Dave said...

Go you indeed. It has the added benefit that you now have to visit my blog in person to comment.

laoi gaul~williams said...

its amazing how much time can be asted on FB~last year i shut mine down for a while when i had revision and exams coming up, i even blogged about the evils of faceache! but what happened, got dragged back into it and now find myself wasting time when i should be reading about epitaphs of republican rome! maybe i should be a bit more strict with myself and only go on every few days.

Cathy said...

hmmmm, not sure that I could be so self-controlled. i have gone without for a few days when away on holidays....but at home i don't think i could do it!

Anonymous said...

I know Dave, I've actually been over there quite regularly...quite nice seeing your blog again.

It's hard to be strict though Laoi, that's why I thought that at least in the beginning I'd close it completely then once I feel stronger (ha ha) I'd try and just limit usage. We'll see how that works out - ahem.

Cathy if I was at home it wouldn't be such a problem really, but because I'm working full time at the moment my evenings need to spent on the business so FB was a problem.

Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

Some of us feel deprived of regular blog-posts.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave...I wish I knew what I was doing with all this time I apparently have now...I can't work it out.