Tuesday, January 4

This is not a resolution

You may recall that I'm not one for resolutions...why set myself up for failure I say? However I do like to set goals. Goals seem friendlier than resolutions, something to aim for rather than something I resolve to do, then don't do, then beat myself up for not doing.

As always the year began with me leaping head first into 'what can I take on???' mode. I always do it. I get excited about a brand new year and start to plan all the things I'll do with it - courses, workshops, meditations, journalling groups, book groups... for me, those old 'hounds of more' are at their most enthusiastic at new year. Somewhere in the last couple of days, however, I've stopped myself. I paused, examined my habit of over-committing and decided not to do it. Just like that.

It was also right about then I decided my 'word for 2011' is SIMPLIFY. Such a lovely word. 365 project (ok I did sign up, but I then deleted my account) and the Artist's Way group and joining several other groups and forums I was invited to, I just...didn't. Because I know that while my enthusiasm for these things doesn't diminish, my time and energy for them does.

So in the interest of simplication here is my goal for Bridget's Flame this year.

  • A couple of posts of week... if I can...more if I feel the need or have something to say.

Now I know you've heard it all before...but before I also made a lot of promises to other commitments. My sincere hope is that by keeping my extracurricular activities to an absolute minimum I can go back to basics and just enjoy my blog. I have also organised myself an editorial calendar...much less grand than it sounds...I've just put in a couple of recurring calendar reminders. Because as difficult as this may be to believe, these days a lot of the time I don't post because I'm out of the habit and I forget. How feeble is that?

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