Sunday, January 16

The week that was

Things are pretty quiet at work while we wait for the school term to begin (31 January).  We’re all taking advantage of the opportunity to get ready for the year ahead.  Tidying our work spaces, sorting files, putting systems in place, archiving old files etc.  So in the midst silent telephones and the quiet that comes with fewer staff, there is a buzz of activity.

I’m coming off a medication that I have been on for two years (nothing serious).  I no longer need it and have been gradually reducing the dose.  There are still some side effects from coming off it, not least of which is experiencing a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It’s altogether unpleasant but worth it to not be taking anything. 

On Thursday I received the news that a friend had died.  That’s another post.  I’m not quite ready to address that yet.

Today there is more chaos and laying of flooring. 

I’m ready for a holiday already.


Dave said...

Oh, and you got engaged. Fancy forgetting that.

Z said...

In an odd way, showing that you're able to deal with pain, side effects or whatever you get when you come off medication can make you feel stronger and more determined to do so. I have found anyway, and hope you do. I'm so sorry about your friend.

Caitlin said...

Oh yes Dave, of course, silly of me to forget that!

That's true Z, the side effects are just convincing me further that I'd really rather not be on the medication so I'll happily tolerate it (and it's only a short term reaction).