Monday, September 26

Plans and viruses

Wow, time has passed.

I'm not quite sure how so much time passed... but that's always been a problem here at Bridget's Flame. 

So...these many weeks...what have I been doing? I promised myself more art time and I have been doing that, I've also been pondering. And musing. And considering. There has been a little hatching of plans and dreams. There has also been nearly three weeks of illness. A 'virus' then a secondary infection causing pharyngitis.  Boring. And exhausting.

Today I am tired.  The quack doctor says there will be some recovery time needed and it will be a couple more weeks before my energy returns.  This frustrates me.

So, I'm trying to listen to the messages my body is sending.  Rest, relax, recover.  I'm trying to be easy on myself and not give in to tantrums because I can't do the things I want to do just yet.  I'm trying to learn the lesson that I've been avoiding learning for months...years. I realised the other day that this has happened before, a few times in fact, at the equinox. It's as though the earth in balance highlights my own lack of it and sidelines me.  I'm learning that I can't do everything.  Also, it's ok that I can't do everything.  It's ok to stop sometimes. 

Clearly I'm a slow learner.

As we begin Spring and move towards Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere I've decided to make some changes.  The planning continues (in a very relaxed way) and things are going to be very different...and better.


Z said...

It is frustrating, but I've found that resting after illness helps one to recover fully more quickly. But sometimes, there's just too much to catch up with, and the longer one leaves it, the worse that is. Learning what to dump/sideline/delegate is the key, I suppose.

Caitlin said...

I think that's exactly it Z. I'm trying to be discerning about what I do and don't do, asking myself what will happen if something doesn't get done. It's usually nothing more than a mild inconvenience - I can live with that.

Dave said...

This is what readers to my ex-blog are missing. Illness. It's such a great source of blog-posts.

Caitlin said...

I for one am sorely missing your health reports. However I don't plan on making a habit of having health issues to discuss here. My own stuff is much less interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm working my way through all the blogs that Dave recommends. I see you have a similar attitude to regular blogging to me. :-)

Caitlin said...

Hi Jane, belief is that obligation takes all the fun out of it. Who needs the pressure? :-)

And I've learned to ignore Dave's 'gentle encouragement' (aka nagging).