Tuesday, January 16

100 things about me

1. I’d like to be an archaeologist.

2. Instead I’m a college lecturer….at least I was, until I quit.

3. Now I’m some kind of business consultant or something.

4. I don’t know what I am (see no. 3).

5. I was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, last century.

6. I have spent more time living in other countries than I have spent living in Scotland.

7. I live in Australia now.

8. I hate the heat.

9. Hating the heat is problematic when you live in Australia.

10. I have had grey in my hair since I was about 25. It’s not even grey, it’s pure white.

11. I colour my hair back to it’s natural un-grey colour.

12. My great grandmother had long, beautiful, pure white hair that shone. She wore it in a bun and I loved to see her take it down and brush it.

13. I think I have inherited that hair but I’m not ready to live with it yet.

14. I don’t like Aubergine/Eggplant. Blech!

15. I like chocolate.

16. I love animals a lot, in fact I like them better than most people (except for my nearest and dearest family and friends – you know who you are).

17. I have always had pets, mostly dogs and cats but there are some rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs and a duck or two in there too.

18. I have a 16 year old cat called Sophie.

19. I miss my dog Max, he died three years ago.

20. I desperately, desperately want a dog. Just a little one.

21. Tom won’t let me have a dog.

22. I’m a bit cross with him over that.

23. I have two sisters.

24. They are bloody fabulous.

25. I am the oldest.

26. But I’m not bossy (am I?)

27. I don’t like Christmas very much.

28. Easter’s ok (see no.14) especially the chocolate chip hot cross buns.

29. I like to try new things but often lose interest pretty quickly.

30. I enjoy a drink. I love wine, gin and tonic and cocktails – but not all at once.

31. I also like beer sometimes, my favourite is Corona, with a bit of lemon stuffed in it.

32. I can only have two drinks without getting a hangover.

33. It wasn’t always this way.

34. I’d like to learn web design – it’s a long story.

35. I will only learn web design when they develop that method of learning sometimes featured in Sci Fi movies where they plug you into a computer and you sleep through the whole thing and wake up fully conversant in the skill.

36. I LOVE Sci Fi.

37. Except ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’. I loathe that movie with a passion normally reserved for loathing politicians. What a pile of utter shit that film really is.

38. I also like horror movies and books. Phil Rickman is a favourite horror author.

39. I once lived in Paris for a very short time and when I am feeling elderly and frumpy or like a boring old fart parent of small children I torture myself by saying ‘I once lived in Paris’.

40. I say ‘living in Paris’ when it was really a very, very extended holiday. But I had to do normal things like washing and shopping and cooking so I call it ‘living’.

41. I can be melodramatic (see no. 39).

42. I stretch the truth for maximum effect (see no. 40).

43. One of my all time favourite books is ‘Candide’ (Voltaire) and for some reason some people find that odd. Why? It’s a good book isn’t it? Isn’t it?

44. I swear quite a lot.

45. I am addicted to stationery items, especially pens, diaries, journals and organisers.

46. One of my least favourite jobs is putting petrol in the car. I will hold out as long as possible even when the ‘fuel low’ light comes on.

47. I also hate making packed lunches.

48. I don’t mind ironing. Apparently this is somewhat unusual. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go looking for ironing to do, it’s just if something needs ironed I don’t mind.

49. I am the world’s worst photographer and only mildly interested in taking photographs but I would still like a Nikon Digital SLR.

50. I have a secret desire to play one those online games, the ones where you become a character and go to war against (or with) evil armies.

51. I think people who write ‘100 things’ lists have huge egos, why do we think anyone wants to know or cares? I dunno.

52. I teach meditation.

53. I have experienced depression in my life, been medicated for it, had therapy for it and occasionally still struggle with it.

54. I am always surprised when people that I don’t know comment on my blog, but I like it.

55. I can cook but I don’t like cooking, I do love watching cooking shows and I like receiving cook books as gifts…..no, I don’t understand that either and Tom is totally bewildered by it.

56. I enjoy candlelight.

57. I drive a Toyota but would really like a Jaguar. S-type.

58. I can swim quite well, but don’t like swimming in the sea. It frightens me.

59. I would like to have a long, long bath every single day but don’t have time, so I shower instead.

60. Showering is much less relaxing, but it gets you clean.

61. I have profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

62. I struggle with my online identity – should I tell or shouldn’t I?

63. I have a huge collection of books.

64. I haven’t seen some of my books for over 3 years.

65. They’re in the shed waiting to be brought in after the renovation.

66. The renovation isn’t happening.

67. My photos are all in boxes too.

68. I drink too much coffee and tea.

69. I hate drinking water but try to because it’s supposed to be good for you.

70. I am totally neurotic about my age and never tell.

71. I have 3 enormous willow trees in my garden and I talk to them and hug them (a cliché I know).

72. I also talk to another tree and frequently ask it what kind of tree it is because I don’t know.

73. So far it hasn’t told me.

74. I believe in ghosts and aliens.

75. Despite number 74 I’m quite intelligent.

76. I hate shopping, especially for clothes.

77. I am quite short of clothes.

78. I love Shakespeare with a passion (not him – I’ve never met him – but his works).

79. I am totally, completely and utterly TERRIFIED of spiders.

80. There are a lot of big spiders in Australia.

81. That’s another problem with living here (see 8 & 9) – why do I live here?

82. My oldest daughter was 11 weeks premature. I was very sick.

83. I am obsessed with weather…all kinds…and talk about it too much (boring).

84. I am sometimes superstitious and it annoys me, I want to believe it’s all crap but I won’t risk it.

85. My favourite colour is blue.

86. We looked after a friend’s snake for while, I like snakes, except the poisonous ones.

87. I have strong opinions about politics, which I really try not to talk about on the blog.

88. Sometimes I talk about politics on the blog. I can’t help it.

89. My mother once told me I was a communist (based on my political beliefs) but she was ok with that.

90. I was 12 at the time.

91. As you can see I’ve always had strong opinions about politics.

92. However, I am not a card carrying member of the communist party.

93. I also have strong opinions about religion.

94. I never talk about my religious opinions on the blog. Ever.

95. I have an eclectic mix of personal religious beliefs. All bases covered.

96. I read a lot of blogs, but only some favourites do I read every day.

97. I like handbags more than shoes.

98. I find thinking of 100 things about myself quite difficult.

99. Hopefully this means I’m not as self-obsessed as I seem.

100. I can count to 100.