Thursday, January 25

A bit of blogging peace please....

Something I'm learning about this whole blogging thing is that it ain't that easy. I need time to put my thoughts on paper (sorry, on screen). I can't just rattle off a few words while the kettle boils. I seem to be developing a desire to get myself 'all set up' before I start, you know clear desk, beverage of choice, peace and quiet. My desk is 'clear' about twice per millennia so I won't be expecting anything too regular if I stick to that one. As for peace and quiet, HA! If I want to only write when there is peace and quiet then I might as well quit now. The only peace and quiet I get is between the hours of midnight and 6am, if I'm lucky and the kids are drugged and Mercury isn't retrograde.

I don't need an alarm clock, my morning begins with a certain little nearly 4 year old 'clock' calling from her bed 'muuuuummmmy, is it time to geddup?' This happens EVERY MORNING. This morning I tried something new 'no, it's not, go back to sleep'. Then the wailing ensued 'geeeetttttt uuuuuuupppppp' this went on repeatedly for 30 minutes. I let it continue for 30 minutes because in some childish (and yet enormous) part of my brain I wasn't going to 'give in'. By now the wailing had even penetrated my beloved's slumber and his ear plugs (yes, I said ear plugs, don't even get me started on that one). We lay there side by side, eyes bulging, staring at the ceiling and gripping the quilt close to our chins. Each of us in our own private hell, fighting the urge to throttle the little darling and seriously considering the benefits of separation (only having kids half the time). I have to admit there was also an element of holding out to see if he would cave first. He didn't. So I wearily got up (if you can call flying from the bed, feet barely touching the floor in a rush of cursing and blasphemy 'wearily getting up'). My day had begun.

So how an earth can I expect to regularly blog if this is the dilemma I face. Well, I've decided it will have to be done the same way I do everything else, bribery, television and developing the ability to not join in with all the kids TV theme tunes that are penetrating my concentration...bananas in pyjamas are coming down the...oops sorry about that. Clearing my desk has become ‘clear enough space for my cup’ and let’s just say my ‘beverage of choice’ may not always be one that is considered appropriate for day time ingestion but what the hell, if it works….

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