Tuesday, January 16

Why Bridget’s Flame?

People sometimes ask me why this blog is called Bridget’s Flame when my name is clearly not Bridget. I would like to set the record straight and confirm that ‘Bridget’s Flame’ refers to the sacred and eternal fire of the Celtic Goddess Bridget.

In Kildare, Ireland, only women lit Bridget’s sacred fire, opening the door to spring. Bridget herself is a triple moon goddess and is connected with the turning of the seasons, she is the goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft - among other things.Bridget of Kildare Later when Christianity came to Ireland she – or at least a Christian nun who probably took her name became Saint Bridget, when it was common practice to Christianise pagan figures to encourage the locals to take up the religion. She became Bridget of Kildare (pictured) and her Feast Day is celebrated on 1st February – the same day as Pagan Bridget (Imbolc).

St Bridget’s Cathedral in Kildare is thought to be on the site of the original pagan shrine to Bridget. St Bridget’s fire house is in the grounds of the cathedral.

Bridget is also the goddess of the hearth and home, children, motherhood and childbirth. I have always identified with Bridget and here I blog about many things, but the most important of them all is my family – the people around the hearth, especially my children. I like to think that the eternal flame of Bridget is represented here in some small way.

Bridget's cross