Thursday, February 1

Back to the salt mine

This week I went back to work after a long break. I have to qualify that by 'this week' I mean yesterday and today. You see, I have changed my working hours and now only have to drag myself into the sweat shop two days a week. What a weird experience that has been. The week is half over before I even have to show up, by the end of day one I'm half way through my working week and here I am on Thursday night sitting here in that weekend (translates - happy hour and chocolate) frame of mind. I love it.
Sure the down side is that for some reason, beyond my comprehension, they are now only actually paying me for two days work...what gives? My manager, ever the genius, knowledgably stated today that I was now 'at home more than I was work' (you can see why they put him in charge, mind like a steel trap). I think the he was suprised by the big cheery grin I gave him when I said 'yeah I huh?' I can never understand why some bosses seem surprised if you give them a hint that spending your days at work is not actually something you'd do given the option (and a large sum of money). That's probably why I was such a popular and yet not wholly committed manager myself. About 50 or 60 years ago in a previous life before children I was a manager, several times actually. I think it's something that is rather quaintly called a 'career'. I used to have one. I spent a lot of time 'careering' (towards what I'd rather not say). The problem was I didn't want to be at work any more than my staff did. It doesn't bode well for departmental productivity when it's the manager saying 'I know, lets say we're sick and just go to the pub'. My staff liked me though...a lot.
So anyway, I'm back at work and really happy with the whole two days thing. The only thing better would be 'no days' and I'm working on that one. But I have to go now, it's the weekend for me and a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate and a Midsomer Murder await.

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