Monday, February 5

Blue squid

I've been reading blogs. Lots of them. Especially the ones written by crafty people who make beautiful things out of fabric, wool and egg cartons (ok, there was nothing made out of egg cartons). I've become particularly addicted to this one. This has had a duel effect on me, first it made me green with envy and desperate to 'create' something. Then it made me feel inadequate. I'm not being hard on myself or immodest here when I say I'm just not good at stuff like that. My Mum taught me to knit...about 326 times. She would leave me to create and a few days later I'd pick up the needles and say 'how does this go again?'. I can't tell you the number of times I've been taught to cast on and cast off, must be millions. I would not be able to do it now if my life depended on it (sorry M).

I have a sewing machine, I've made a couple of things on it including a bolero jacket that I wore to my wedding. I knew it was crap when my sister's mother-in-law asked me if my dress was home made (it wasn't, just the jacket was) so I said no and she replied 'oh it looks home made' - I know she meant the jacket and I marvel at her tact.Annoyed And Disappointed

Many years ago my Mum was on a crocheting binge (she could do everything that woman) and she went through a phase of making these cute little crocheted (how do you spell that?) bookmarks. They were pretty, she taught me and I made about 30 of them. Mine were crap so I tried a crochet blanket. It was crap too, kind of resembled a demented blue squid.

So while inside me there lurks a talented, creative, crafty genius (a bit like the meditating yogi - see below) I just cannot drag her sorry arse to the surface. However, it has not deterred me. I have added to my list of new things for 2007 (along with the vegan thing - going well thanks for asking - and finishing my degree) to try some crafty stuff. So watch this space for photos of demented squid and similar abominations.

Gosh I'm excited.


F said...

I didnt know MIL said that Hahahaha

Knitty Cat said...

hahaha "is it homemade' thats a bit rude. Knittings easy you idiot hahaha only kidding. Crocheting? Now thats impossible, I cannot get the hang of that at all.