Sunday, May 27

Checking the health insurance is current

Well, it's Sunday. Tom and the girls have been outside for hours. This has allowed me time to tidy up, do some washing, drink several cups of tea and email my sisters loads of times. It's been nice.

Hannah called me outside to see what Aislin is doing. I went. I wish I hadn't. Tom and the girls have built climbing steps on one of the big trees in the garden and there is Aislin, 7 feet off the ground, sitting on a branch swinging her legs. My heart stopped. I said 'Tom, is this a good idea, mightn't they fall out of the tree?'. He replied 'probably at some stage they will' and carried on. The girls love the climbing steps. Tom loves the climbing steps. I don't like the climbing steps.

But what do I know?

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