Tuesday, May 15

Excuses for not blogging...

Hmmm, well May is starting to shape up like previous 'blogging-drought' months. I will sort that out quick smart. It's not that I don't have much to say, I mean it's been a BIG WEEK, there was the whole job-quitting thing, laptop and mobile phone shopping (both were being replaced), Mother's Day....need I go on? I thought not. I have lots of stories and fascinating anecdotes to share, there just hasn't been much time.

One thing I feel absolutely compelled to mention is what a major pain in the arse it is to get a new computer. This is the second time in 8 months that I've updated my laptop and I hate it. Well, actually I love the shiny new machine. But I hate reloading software, transferring files and finding my way around Windows Vista. I'm sure Mr Gates is desperately trying to justify his billions by keeping us right up to the minute with new geeky stuff but please, no more, I'm confused enough. I've only just got used to XP! Anyway, I use my computer a lot, so there's a lot of stuff on it. It takes along time to transfer it all. I don't like that job.

Just saying.

My new mobile phone is quite beautiful, but it's more complicated than the computer. Technology, I love it with geek-like passion but it's a blessing and a curse.


Knitty Cat said...

Exciting! New Stuff!All this new phone talk has given me the bug.I may have to get one. Hubby forwarded me an email he got about a Blackberry promotion. Do you think that means I can get one? No, neither do I :(

Anonymous said...

I think if you handle it right you could end up with one....go for it I say.
That's next on my list...as a entrepreneurial business woman I think I need one :-).