Friday, May 25

Wouldn't it be nice if.....

  1. Chocolate wasn't fattening
  2. Dogs cleaned up their own pooh
  3. Children cleaned up their own everything
  4. Dinner cooked itself
  5. Web design was easy

Anyway, that was just a few thoughts to get me started. All of these thoughts, I should add, came to me in the 10 minutes it took to go to the Post Office and collect the mail today. No, I don't know what's going on in my head either.

It all began because I felt like some chocolate, but Friday night is chocolate night (well one of the chocolate nights) so I thought 'it's the afternoon, I can't have chocolate now too' (who makes these rules?).

Then I saw a nice dog. I'm not allowed to have a dog (Tom said it's him or a dog...I'm still deciding). This one was lovely, so I wistfully watched it for a minute. I thought about why I'm not allowed to have a dog. It's mainly the pooh...on the lawn.

Then we got home and I looked around the house, I have two children at home today, Hannah is sick with a cold. I don't need to explain this one further do I?

Number four should be pretty self-explanatory as well. 'I hate cooking' will help you along a bit.

Web Design. Hmmm. I can't decided whether to actually blog about this because it makes me so damn mad. I might need a large whisky to go with that chocolate (sorry, bad combination). Note to Tom if you're reading this, get back to work and stop fretting about your Jameson. The short version is my web design people did a crap job. I hate my website. I am not paying anyone else to fix it because I already spent too much damn money on the one I have. I am teaching myself Microsoft Front Page and HTML so that I can fix it myself and never again have to rely on another incompetent human being to do this for me (I want to be the only incompetent human being dealing with my website). But it's excrutiatingly slow and I'm easily bored if I don't see results and achieve stuff immediately. I'm childish like that.

So the thought popped into my head 'here's an idea.....make web design EASY!!!!'. And I mean to mere mortals that don't want to study computer science or web design for years. So, one day, I'm going to make a fortune by inventing a way of getting a website up and running easily - in like, 5 minutes. Sorry web designers everywhere if that gets in the way of your dreams of world domination and making billions at the expense of we website dunderheads. Enjoy it while you can, your days are numbered (probably in the millions).

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