Wednesday, February 27

Harrods tea, better than sex (almost)

I love tea. I could probably leave this post at that really, but perhaps not.

My in-laws recently went off travelling and among the many, many things they brought us back was a tin of Harrods morning blend tea. It's fantastic, we've been rationing it to make it last but alas, it's nearly finished. I checked Harrods online and it's not available to order that way (except as part of a hamper) so I guess I'll have to wait until I'm next in London - although by then we'll all be wearing one piece space suits and tea will come in pill form.

So, inspired by this post over on my sister Moyra's blog I decided to honour the diminishing tea by using a nice cup. This cup belonged to my mum, I don't know that she used it very often either but Moyra's right, nice things should be used.

And the tea definitely tasted better from this cup.

**Oh and God knows what kind of traffic I'll get because this post has 'sex' in the title - tsk**


Leanne said...

morning Caitlin!

tea is ABSOLUTELY crucial here too, I drink gallons! the tea cup is very pretty, mostly I drink mugs of tea but sometimes its nice to drink from a delicate cup like a lady rather then a one pint tea mug like a docker!! I'll have to sort out a photo of my favourite tea cup and saucer amd post that on my blog,

Leanne x

Anonymous said...

Yes Leanne I must admit that I came to a point, drinking from that delicate little cup, when I was peering into the bottom of it in disbelief....I definitely need more tea than that so I'll stick to my 'dockers' cup most of the time too I think.

Cathy said...

lol i'm more a coffee girl, although i do go through tea "stages". and i agree that coffee/tea does not taste the same out of all cups...some cups are extra special :)

i admire your ability to concentrate and not procrastinate...i'm not very good in that department...

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy
Well I have to START my day with coffee, good coffee and lots of it....then I can drink tea for the rest of the day.

Oh and I'm not usually very good at staying on task many blogs to read so little time....however if I ever want to buy shoes again work I must!

Leanne said...

hi again caitlin, my favourite tea cup is now on my blog if you want to peek!

leanne x