Thursday, February 14

The mouths of babes

Funny the things kids say. I got to thinking about it after reading this post on my sister's blog. I just love the way they articulate things as they see them. When did we stop seeing the world that way?

I am blown away by the guileless utterings that come from these small mouths, like Eliza's comparison or Hannah's comment that the best Christmas present is a hug (not that she didn't request considerably more than that from Santa) or Aislin standing up in daycare yesterday to tell everyone that 'the Aberginee children were taken away from their Mummies and Daddies, they're all grown up now, but they're sad'. Where does it come from? Sure we talk to them a lot, and often in adult terms, about these things. Yet still their minds can grasp and simplify complex issues that even some adults struggle to comprehend. They are truly amazing and I really do believe that they are here to teach us as much as we teach them - probably more.

According to Aislin I 'smell like rainbows', and unless she knows something I don't about the way rainbows smell, that is a very nice compliment. She also told me the other day that I was 'as fast a Cheetah'. That is considerably stretching the facts, but nice that I impressed her.

I think we could all probably benefit from seeing things through child-like eyes once in a while. I'll bet the world would be a happier place if we did.


Cathy said...

oh i love the things children say. that's one of the best parts about being a teacher! they do grasp so much more than adults sometimes because theys ee things through innocent eyes, plain and simple without social prejudices etc

loved the daisy duke comparison to your sister as well! what a joy children are :)

have to update my blog - must remember to include something about Kevin Rudd's historic speech...

Leanne said...

aw, how lovely to smell like a rainbow!i think that is a VERY GRAND compliment!!

Leanne x

kathyann said...

ohh how sweet is that!what perfume is a rainbow wearing today lol! Don't you just love em!love from Kathyann and the girls

Cathy said...

when you get a chance, stop on by my blog ~ there's an award waiting for you :)