Sunday, February 3


A stick insect. A HUGE stick insect. On the window.

All at once, fascinating, compelling and yet.....a little bit creepy.

Also, oh my GOD how filthy are my windows?


kathyann said...

Thank goodness I've found you again! due to crap computer ,constantly crashing and deleting stuff,I am now back in blogland,I saw your comment left for Moonroots first blogging Birthday!Your parcel is on its way,I couldn't send you any blackpuddings (not allowed)so I hope you like what I've sent!love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

Moyrajayne said...

Ewwww! That is Creepy. I would literally die if I saw that.

Cathy said...

gosh, it really does look like a stick!

p.s. your windows cannot be dirtier than mine with 4 little hands constantly pawing them!