Thursday, September 16

Blogging stamina

I have none.  I had a good go for a few days there and then lost my energy for it and it all came to a standstill again.

Never mind, I’m not giving up.

Not much to report here, Hannah has finally recovered enough to go back to school. She ended up with an ear infection and slight perforation to the ear drum.  She doesn’t do things by halves that girl.

So life has returned to relative normality. 

It’s almost the weekend (huzzah!) and I am absolutely knackered and can’t wait to have a couple of days off.

Roll on Friday 5pm!


Dave said...

Of course, the solution to not having anything to blog about, or the energy to do it, is to do as I do, which is on days when I have got energy, to write several pre-dated posts.

I just make it all up, you realise, it's not real reports about my life.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking Dave, I might give that a try. I'm sure my posts will be much more interesting if I make stuff up.