Tuesday, September 21

Spring Equinox 2010

Well Spring may not have quite sprung but it’s definitely on it’s way.  After a very, very wet winter (YAY!!) everything is SO green and lush and beautiful.  The dams are full and as I drove home this morning I had to stop the car and admire the view several times.  It was one of those still mornings where the water is like a sheet of glass and the reflections crystal clear.  I’d have taken a photo but I didn’t have the camera and the iPhone just wasn’t up to the task.

Trees are beginning to bud and some enthusiastic specimens are even putting on a blossom show already. 


Our Spring Equinox celebrations should have been at a music festival this evening (how perfect!), however I am home again with a still sick child (second ear infection in as many weeks) so we may have to forego that. 

In the interest of acknowledging the turning of wheel I shall however plan some low key events for the evening.  A family dinner with vases of blossom on the table, candles, music and a toast to that frilly show-off that is Springtime.

Happy Equinox to you all (be it Spring or Autumn depending on your hemisphere).


Dave said...

You serve toast for dinner? Very frugal.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom and the girls have toast - if it's a special occasion I'll even allow some jam on it.

Of course I can't eat it being gluten intolerant so I have lobster.

Cathy said...

Hi, I'm back! Will catch up on your blog soon - looking forward to a good read :)

Dave said...

No need to be sarcastic, Cathy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy!! Welcome back!

Also, ignore Dave. Although he does have a point...I've been less than prolific for quite some time now.

Cathy said...

lol Dave...I've missed your witty comments as well ;)