Monday, September 6

Plague House

I make no secret of (or apology for) the fact that I love winter.  It’s by far my favourite season, and yes, even when in the icy, grey, rainy, windy climes of Scotland it was still my favourite.  I would sooner tolerate freezing cold than heat any day.  In fact, I’ve also made no secret of the fact I loathe the heat.  My legion of long time readers will attest to this. But that’s another post (or several, come summer when the whining will commence).

This winter however has been one of the worst for ‘winter ailments’ in our family.  It seems like every two or three weeks another round of sore throats, coughs and sniffles descends upon us and Tom and I are either a) taking sick leave because we’re actually ill ourselves or b) taking ‘carer’s leave’ because one, or both, of the girls has it.

Once again I had to ring work this morning and make an apology for my absence due to a sick child.  Of course this means a day spent fussing and fetching and carrying and mopping the fevered brow of the little darling.  Fortunately she’s sick enough that she is actually lying quietly reading and has been doing that for the last three hours.  I hate the days that they perk up by lunchtime and annoy the bejesus out of me for the rest of the day.  I’m a great parent as you can see.

The upside is there was time for a blog post.  


Dave said...

Ah well, it's an ill wind...

Anonymous said...


Don't tell anyone but I've had a rather lovely day actually.

Z said...

Do you remember those times, as a child, when you were off school because you were poorly? As long as you weren't too ill, it was rather nice to lie there with your mum popping in and being kind.

Though I hated going back to school afterwards. I was afraid all the friendship groups would have changed and I wouldn't be in them. Which sometimes happened.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Z, I just discovered your comment hiding in my Blogger dashboard 'awaiting moderation'. I can honestly say that has never happened before. Apparently Blogger thought it was spam and kept it back. Unlike the actual spam that it continues to publish with abandon. Go figure.

You're right, I remember some very pleasant days spent home from school, tucked up in bed with Mum bringing me nice things to eat and drink. I too also remember only too well the stress of going back to school and discovering the world of the playground had totally changed in my absence.