Monday, November 26


It was my birthday yesterday. There were cards....

Leathergoods - always popular (it's a card wallet)

Wine (supplied by my father-in-law)

Sweet things (supplied by my mother-in-law)

And cold hard cash (supplied by the Australian Mint)

My in-laws stayed for the weekend and babysat TWICE so that Tom and I could go out. We went to the movies on Saturday and out for dinner last night. So grown up.

But I can't end this post without mentioning the best present I could have hoped for despite repeatedly saying I won't mention politics on this blog (usually when mentioning politics)....

....yeah....bye bye Johnny!

But I'll leave you guessing by telling you that I didn't vote for the other guy either (although he is preferable to this one). I'm way more left wing than that comrade.

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