Tuesday, November 6

Don't ask stupid questions

When I picked Hannah up from school she got into the car with a face like thunder, grumpily saying she was tired and had a headache from all the screaming. 'Screaming?' I asked. 'Yes, the screaming during the race' she replied. Like all good Catholic schools our school encourages the children to get involved in gambling from an early age. So they went to the hall to watch the Melbourne Cup, also known as 'the race that stops a nation'. This is no exaggeration, a news report this afternoon has claimed that a judge allowed the jury to leave a trial to watch it.

I don't give a shit about horse races had forgotten it was on and the conversation went like this...

Me: Oh, so you saw it....the race?

Hannah: Yep.

Me: Right.....hmm, ok.... was it good?

Hannah: Yep.

Me: So....who won then...?

Hannah: The black one.

Me: Oh. Ok. ???????????

And in totally unrelated news I have just noticed that this is my 100th post!! I had planned some kind of celebration if I ever reached 100 posts but ....meh.... no time. I'll just quietly congratulate myself and get drunk on medicinal Chivas Regal since there are no painkillers left (see previous post).

Hang on.....how about this? Not entirely accurate but close enough.


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