Tuesday, November 20

Just filling my days....

.....since Friday. Oh it is heaven...heaven I tell you. I spent the weekend partying with the kids, they are delighted not to be competing with the laptop for my attention any more. They planned the celebratory party, however their planning only got as far as balloons, cherry jelly and chocolate cake. Fortunately Tom came to the rescue with booze. They made me a poster with 'play not s-ay' on it. S-ay - essay. Cute. So we've been playing. It's been fun, I'm a bit bored with the play dough though.

Today I had the day to myself, Hannah was at school, Aislin at kindergarten. I pottered in the veggie patch, pruned and tied my tomatoes and weeded the beds. Guilt free. At no point did I think 'I really better get back to that assignment'. Not once. The only nagging feeling I had was about getting another cup of tea into me before I picked the girls up.

At one stage I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw this.....a kookaburra!!

Then it was time to pick up the girls and just as I was heading there I got a phone call from the school telling me Hannah was in the first aid room, she'd had an accident and been hit the eye with 'sports equipment'. Fabulous. So I dash to kindy, pick up Aislin then head to the school where I find her sad and sorry for herself and a little bit tearful. The doctor has checked it out and she has a graze on the surface of the eye, on the white not the cornea though, her eye is very swollen and she'll probably have a shiner tomorrow. It's all pretty sore...this says it all.....

Apparently the perpetrator, just prior to doing this, was telling them all how he had won a gold medal in the Olympics for throwing. He's seven. I'm suspecting that's not entirely true.

Obviously there is a extreme lack of 'you'll have someone's eye out with that' in his house.

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