Friday, November 2

A little of this and that... not much blogging from me recently, a couple of fillers to keep my hand in but no real news - sorry. The essay/assignment writing is sapping my energy and I'm feeling the stress, but it will all be over soon.

So today I'll do a little catch up.

Uni update, 14 days and 4 assignments to go. No more to say on that topic - it's making me cry.

I joined a new gym that has opened nearby. The gym used to be my exercise of choice, I was a 4 times a week girl for a long time. Having babies, then moving away from a convenient gym put an end to that. However a brand new gym recently opened 8 minutes from home. So in I went and signed up. I've been twice this week and it felt good to get some exercise. I've previously mentioned my expanding butt since finishing work, hopefully this will address the problem. It's a bit different to what I'm used to, it's women only for a start (no bad thing) and there's a circuit and a requirement to alternate weights with cardio using these springy little board things. I have no sense of rythm and even less coordination so the gym staff get their entertainment from my manic flailings. They should be paying me to go there for the endless fun I provide.

Paradoxically the stress of Uni is causing me to eat more than usual. I won't say how many double choc chip cookies I've already eaten today (five) and it's only 1pm.

My house is a mess. A huge, messy, untidy, in-serious-need-of-a-good-clean kind of mess. This depresses me like you wouldn't believe but I really just cannot dedicate the time to it just now. So it will have to wait. It also depresses and frustrates me that 'no-one' else who lives here is offering to clean it or even attempting to be a little bit tidier to reduce the mess. In fact the other day my children were quietly playing in their room (I should have been suspicious of that) and I later discovered that they'd played 'snow' tearing the contents of a whole box of tissues into teeny, tiny, wee pieces and throwing it all over the room. It's only partially cleaned up even now.

On a brighter note I am having a couple of hours off tonight to go to a friend's exhibition opening. My sister-in-law is coming with me (she is coincidentally finishing her degree right now as well - we both need a break) so we're taking a couple of hours to drink a glass (or three) of wine, eat some finger food, mix with some other human beings that don't need cleaning up after and look at some beautiful Persian Art (lots of textiles, rugs etc but other stuff too) while listening to Persian music. Quite looking forward to it. I may forget to come home.

I'm sure there are other things to tell, such as why the entire contents of my bathroom cupboard are on the desk in the office or how Sophie is posessed by the spirit of an angry leopard or simiar and has turned into Sophie the bitch cat from hell. But that will have to wait for another day.

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