Tuesday, December 18

Concert number 4

What I thought was our final concert for the year took place yesterday. This one was from Hannah's dance/singing/drama class. It was held in a real theatre....

I don't think Hannah realised the scale of the production and when she arrived on stage she spent quite some time absent-mindedly doing her routine, totally out of time with the rest, and staring in amazement out into the audience. It was hilarious. Then she spotted me and waved which they'd been told not to do, so of course she immediately looked guilty. Unfortunately I cannot provide pictures of this concert ('thank goodness' I hear you cry) because we were forbidden from taking them because they were filming it for a DVD that they will be selling us. Of course.

I can show you the very naff professional photo that was taken prior to the performance and then....you guessed it....sold to us. I'm sure I'm breaching some kind of copyright by displaying it but that's too bad. Bite me photographer.

In other news our old hot water system was replaced today. This required the presence of several tradesmen. This always makes me uncomfortable because as much as I don't want to say 'dealing with tradesmen is Tom's job' in actual fact I want dealing with tradesmen to be his job. I don't mean that in a sexist way, I know I'm quite capable of understanding the idiosyncracies of plumbing and electrics if necessary, the trouble is I don't want to. Not interested. Tom, on the other hand, really likes that kind of thing and would gladly give up his job to become a plumber. I'd have no problem with that given the current earning capacity of plumbers.

Anyway, the new tank went in, the pipes were all joined up and the electrician messed around in the ceiling for a while and pronounced it all in order. The hot water from our old tank had to be emptied. It was slightly distressing to watch several hundred litres of hot water pouring off the roof and being wasted while we are in drought. I wasn't quick enough to gather it in buckets to at least use it to water the tomatoes (once it had cooled down of course). Ah well.

So you may have noticed that I said at the beginning 'what I thought was our last concert'....this is because it has now come to pass that the girls will be playing angels in the Christmas Eve Mass nativity. Not exactly a concert, granted, but still requiring some costume making and performing in front of an audience. Yay. Would you be surprised to know that I have had quite enough with the concerts, costumes and performances? No? No. Dear God in heaven make it stop.


Cathy said...

your post made me laugh... i have attended a few such concerts with my nieces... actually one gave me a copy of her professional shot just the other day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy
Welcome to the insanity.

There's nothing cuter, or more tedious after about 15 minutes, as the child's concert. I realised I was not destined for the life of a stage mother when I turned to my husband and said 'she has no sense of rhythm whatsoever does she? Bless her heart'. Ha ha ha ha ha!

No I have no illusions.