Friday, December 28

Three days later....

....the trifle is finished, most of the leftovers are eaten, the nativity is packed up and the bin men just came and emptied our rubbish bin of all the paper and packaging that was filling it. Thank you bin men.

Christmas was a huge success, after the present opening (at 6am) the day was spent eating, drinking, playing several thousand games of Cluedo, Snakes & Ladders, Go Fish and Old Maid and generally relaxing. I can honestly say it is the most relaxed Christmas I have ever had. No long drives, no visitors, no cooking for a crowd. It was lovely. I missed my sisters as I always do at this time of the year but it was bearable (unlike the Christmas I spent crying in the bedroom at Tom's parents' place - but that's another story).

My presents were all great (he pretty much kept to the list I had provided) so I got, among other things, a new Bodum (yes, I know, a bit practical despite what I said about practical gifts, but something I really wanted) a copy of Nigella Feast (as I've previously mentioned I hate to cook but I like reading recipe books and watching cooking shows on TV - I know, I don't understand it either and T is totally bewildered by it). I also got a computer game. Don't be shocked - I'm not killing aliens or assassinating politicians. It seems strange to even me that I wanted a game. However I have heard many positive things about this game called Civilisation so I wanted to play it. Apparently it is a game of skill and strategy and that's something I enjoy so I am venturing into the world of computer games. I'll let you know how that goes....if you don't hear from me again you'll know I'm hooked.

Currently Tom and the girls are playing cricket in the back garden while I blog and take care of the Tamagotchis. Both of the girls got one for Christmas and Hannah is very good with hers. Aislin, being only 4, has limited patience with its demands, so I find myself regularly answering its call to feed it, play with it or clean up its poop, so that the little bastard creature doesn't die. Fortunately all of this is electronic so no actual feeding and cleaning is necessary - just some button pressing. Yet another aspect of motherhood I didn't see coming.

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