Friday, December 14

Schools out...

...for summer. Hannah finished at 12.30 this afternoon. I picked her up and at 12.45 this happened...

Me: I will not put up with this arguing all holidays, you two will stop squabbling RIGHT NOW!! Understood? Silence from the back seat.

Me again: Hannah........understood?

Hannah: Yes, mummy.

Me: Aislin...understood?

Aislin: Yes, mummy.

Later this evening Aislin came into the kitchen as I prepared their dinner, chicken satays (shaslicks, kebabs...whatever you call them where you live...chicken on sticks..). She peered under the grill then jumped down, very excited, and ran through to Hannah and said 'Hannah! It's meat, it's chicken, on sticks, with sauce.....understood?'

Is she mocking me?

I have 7 weeks of this to look forward to. Someone pass the gin.

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