Thursday, March 6

Cool and happy about it

We got a new air conditioner this week. It may seem a bit late in the season to be buying a new air conditioner but we currently have a heat wave that shows no sign of ending.

The air conditioner we had was inadequate....well actually it didn't work at all.... and as I now work from home I can no longer escape to my tax-payer funded, icily air conditioned office and work all day in cool comfort, blissfully unaware of the searing heat outside. No, now I am stuck with the heat day in, day out. It gets to me. I'm not a great lover of the heat and regularly whine about it on this blog (yeah, sorry about that). If I'm whining about it a lot here you can imagine how much I'm whining about it in person. To Tom mainly. That got to him. Also he felt guilty because he received a lot of the whining by telephone as he sat in his tax-payer funded, icily air conditioned office.

So he organised a new one. And it's not hot in here anymore. Huzzah!

So now I have think of a new excuse for not getting any work done.

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