Friday, March 14

Hot nights....

...and no, it's not what you're thinking. It's more about this and trust me, it's no exaggeration. 30!! Overnight!!! I consider 30 to be a hot day, but overnight it's obscene.

Then there's this other problem, one of those is close to us. Fortunately it's contained. These people should be sainted, they had 120 fire fighters and 25 appliances to that fire and contained it within the hour - in horrendous conditions, it's hot, it's windy and it sucks - and they don't even get PAID for that.

So here's Adelaide's Heatwave - the musical.

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Cathy said...

i like summer...but summer's over and that's ridiculous!!! no wonder everyone is getting sick! (i know i sound like a mum - but it's true!)