Thursday, March 13

Pirate day

Hannah had to go to school dressed as a pirate today. They have just finished a unit of work about pirates (hopefully not for future career options) and they are having a celebratory day of swashbuckling adventure in the classroom (oh and a special lunch of salad wraps and fruit - very piratey).

Because it's been a busy week and I knew we had roughly the makings of a pirate costume I didn't actually start thinking about what she would wear until this morning. A manic search for swords and eyepatches and bandanas ensued. However, she was eventually ready to go.

The most exciting thing about this particular pirate dress up is that, for the first time, Hannah's look is historically accurate dentally. Because she has AT LAST lost a tooth! One of her top front ones fell out last weekend. She's been very upset that despite having about 6 loose teeth for what seems like months she hadn't lost any. See the gap?

Actually it's not quite true to say it fell out. It had been very, very loose for a week or so and she was desperate for it fall out. Her Dad told her a story about himself and a piece of thread tied to a door handle. She thought this seemed like a good idea, she carefully tied a piece of thread to the tooth and was standing at the door handle too scared to do it. Aislin has little patience with such things so, before Hannah had time to think about it any further, she grabbed the thread and yanked the tooth out.

That's my girl.


Cathy said...

ha ha Aislin! That's what you need sometimes - a person who dives in head first without a second thought! Congrats on the missing tooth :) Caitlin makes a cute pirate!

Cathy said...

hahaha i'm half asleep - i meant hannah!