Saturday, March 15


Today was Aislin's birthday party (her actual birthday is tomorrow). My mother and father in law arrived early in the morning to stay for the weekend and we also have two extra children staying with us. It's kind of busy around here. The party went well, thank you baby Jesus for inventing play cafes. Aislin got lots of lovely presents - many of them with a million pieces which is my very favourite kind of toy, grrrrr - and she ate cake and fairy bread and enjoyed being the birthday girl.

For some reason we didn't take nearly as many photos as intended, sometimes it's just hard to supervise children, organise cakes, wipe mouths, sooth bumps and take photos as well. Here is one that has been vigorously cropped to remove the embarrassing view of my cleavage (as I bent over the cake). Be thankful I spared you.

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Leanne said...

Happy birthday to Aislin!!! :-)

leanne x