Monday, March 26

Four years on....

Last week my 'baby' turned 4. She's already started kindy, just one morning a week for her first term then 2 whole days a week from next term. She's growing up, becoming more independent every day. Thankfully she's not so independent that she doesn't want me to lie and cuddle her before she goes to sleep though. And she's not so independent that she doesn't want to spend the first 15 minutes of every day snuggled on my lap while she has her morning drink. And not so independent that she can get through the day without at least once feeling my 'cold'. That is the cool bare skin at the back of my upper arm. She strokes it. She can be quite demanding that I sit in exactly the right position and wear exactly the right attire so that she can reach my 'cold'.

She was born the week the war started in Iraq. We spent the first week of her life together in hospital, just the two of us getting to know each other. It was a wild and stormy week and every morning she would wake before sunrise. I'd get a cup of tea, open the curtains, climb back into bed and give her her first feed of the day while watching the sun come up and the storms and rain over the hills. Sometimes I would watch the morning news after our little feeding ritual. I was amazed that such drama and violence could be happening outside our peaceful little cocoon. Can you believe it's still happening? Fortunately our cocoon still exists, not always as peaceful as those first days but pretty good most of the time. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

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