Tuesday, March 6

Autumn is here...

...so why the hell is it still hot? It's not hot today but the forecast is for more HOT!! I can't take it. Also it's March. March goes with Autumn in this hemisphere so that's no surprise but MARCH!! Already!!! How did that happen? Where did January and February go? Also why do people ask if anyone is vegetarian but not vegan? Ok, maybe I need to explain that last one, this is starting to sound like bad stand up.

On Saturday I attended a workshop for one of my Uni courses. The workshop was great, very informative and interesting and best of all they provided lunch. Then the facilitator announced that lunch was pizza....hmmm, ok, imaginative. Then he asked the question...'before I order, how many vegetarians are there?'. There were four....and one VEGAN!!! That'd be me!! Did he ask? Nope. So at lunch I find myself struggling with lukewarm vegetarian pizza trying to remove the cheese while still making intelligent and coherent conversation. Sigh. Note to self...take lunch next time. The other thing I'm finding is that other people find my being vegan more challenging than I do, if they're not trying to tempt me or change my mind they're explaining in condescending detail why I should still eat meat and dairy. Someone even said to me, when inviting me to dinner 'bring something you can eat and we'll take it from there'....huh? Either don't invite me or use your imagination and if that's all too hard look up a recipe. It reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where they are in a Chinese restaurant and Lisa is ordering vegetarian food and the waiter is trying to tempt her with bee bellies and cat noses and finally says 'is there any way we can enhance your dining experience by hurting an animal'. Love it.

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