Friday, March 9

This one's for you M

Yes, 2 blogs in one day, I could have put this at the end of my previous blog but I felt it deserved it's own space.
Today is my sister's birthday, well actually the 8th is her birthday and it's the 9th here, but she lives in America and it's still yesterday there so she can actually read this on her birthday. Confused?

So M, I have a few things to tell you on your 'special day'.

I remember when you arrived into my life, I was 6 and really not expecting to come home from school and find a baby in a basinette in the lounge room. I can't remember if Mum and Dad said you were coming, if they did I must have blocked it out because I remember being surprised. I'd been the only one for a long time and you were quite an interruption to that. I soon realised you were actually ok, and in fact got fairly attached to you. Of course from time to time you were the typical little sister, a right pain in the arse but I still liked you. I remember bullying you a bit - sorry about that. I remember how cute you were, all blonde and smiley and quiet. I remember Mum telling me how good you were and how if you were being naughty she just had to use a firm voice and you'd stop (unlike me who only responded to a damn good thrashing seemingly). I remember watching you at the dinner table, when you were 2 or 3, playing with the knives and forks, pretending they were people, lost in your own little world. Can you imagine how I felt the first time I saw Aislin do the same thing? Most of all I just remember you always being there, my sister and my family. At the important times you (and Fi) are the people I turn to, when Dad died and then when Mum died you were the only two that knew exactly how I felt because you felt it too. No-one else could possibly know because no-one else had that shared history. Now you are married and live so far away, I miss you every day. I know you've got a great husband and family but I'm a bit cross with him for taking you away (kidding Brian).
So birthday girl here are just 10 of the million and one things I love about you.
  1. You love Brian so much you left everything to be with him.
  2. You are hilariously funny.
  3. We like the same stuff - emails all day about handbags, music, movies, food or just whinging.
  4. You know when to tell me to quit whining and I'm ok with that - but I wouldn't take it from anyone else (except Fi).
  5. You use words like malcontent ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
  6. You can knit and don't get impatient with me when I can't remember what you taught me (or if you do get impatient - which knowing you I'm sure you do - you hide it well).
  7. You come all the way across the world to see us, often.
  8. Sometimes you pretend to be less emotional than you are.
  9. You know me better than anyone else but still like me. I can tell you the most shameful thing that I'm thinking and you'll say you think it too.
  10. You are really, really smart.

Happy Birthday Moy - I love you!!!!!!


Knitty Cat said...

Thank you. That made my day. Sniff, I got all teary. I remember the knives and forks, I'm glad Ailsin has learned what a great game that is. I agree with everyhting you wrote hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might agree, I forgot to add number 11....your modesty.