Friday, March 30

The joy of lethargy

I've just noticed that my entire blog is no longer on one page. Now that has to be cause for celebration.....doesn't it? I keep telling myself I'm getting better and I am, however I seem to still have an average of one blog a week (and I do mean 'average' it's more like 3 weeks off and one week with a spurt of activity). So my challenge for April is to at least double it. Ha! We'll see.

I'm at a bit of a loss today. I feel like I should do some uni work (2 assignments due next week) but I also feel like a break from that. Is that so wrong? Hell no. However now I can't decide what I will do. I'm considering trying to find the surface of my desk again. I know it's there somewhere because all that paper can't be levitating in mid air...can it? I sat down today to blog and just squeezed and pushed until there was a space to put my coffee cup. I'm also learning to navigate using keys rather than the mouse, mainly because there is no room to move the mouse around on the desk.

Yes, perhaps I need to tidy my desk space.

Or I could fold laundry. There are two baskets worth there. But why? If I put them away the other people that live in this house will just take them out, wear them and put them back in the dirty wash and then I'll have the whole damn thing to do again. Nope.

I could shop...the cupboard is bare. However if I shop then I'll have to cook. Not keen on that either.
We've got bread. Toast is good.

I really don't feel much like getting involved in any domestic activity. Maybe I'll surf the net (shoes and handbags today I think), send emails to my sisters and drink gallons of tea. Yep, that sounds good.

Decision made.

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Knitty Cat said...

So where ae the emails? I'm bored!