Friday, June 8


Remember the 5 minute web design? Well they have it in theory. Sure you can sign up, choose your design then add all your stuff, press 'publish' and you'll have a website. I'm sure it is possible to do that. When I joined up the lady on the phone said 'you can have your website up by this afternoon'. That was last Tuesday. No, it's not up yet........alright??? There is a small problem - it's the 'choose your design' part. I am ready to kill someone. It's hard to choose, they brag about having over 800 templates. Here's a head ups people 800 templates is TOO FREAKING MANY!!!! Honestly I'm going insane with the damn things. Sure I'll admit that I'm not famous for my ability to make a choice over just about anything but geez, the most decisive, emphatic king of all choosers would struggle with this.

It's very hard. Then this morning I thought I had it. I had finally decided on one, 'Venetian' if you're interested. But somehow between the 'which one would you like' and 'yes please I'll have this one' the damn thing disappeared!! So I couldn't have it. I can tell you there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth after that little debacle. So it's back to the drawing board, but seriously, I can hardly bare it. I know I have to just get on with it, and I will. But once I've made that decision I don't want to make any more, they better not ask me how many pages I want or what colour text I'd like or where I want my pictures. They'd just better not.

I've got no hope have I? Crap.

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