Monday, June 4

Dream date

On Saturday Tom's brother and his lovely wife looked after our girls for the day. The whole day. They have two boys and those four kids just have a ball together. We dropped them off at 8.15am and didn't have to pick them up until 5pm. WOO HOO!! Yeah, I know, it's cool isn't it?

So I know you're dying to hear what we did, how did Tom and I spend our day of freedom? Walking on the beach? Lunch in a fabulous restaurant? Movies? Seeing and being seen with the cafe set? Nope. We went to a financial seminar. We sat together though.

There we were, the whole day, with our noses glued to the screen of our laptop messing with figures. It was useful, it was helpful, it was even fairly interesting at times. Romantic and exciting? Not so much.

We sure know how to party.

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