Friday, June 22

June - slow blogging month

Holy crap I've been slack on the blogging this month. You would not believe how busy I am, and it's frustrating because I actually do have a lot to say for a change.

For a start there have been two very special birthdays. First, my baby sister turned 34 on the 10th. I intended to write her a whole blog to herself telling her how awesome she is - because I know 'awesome' is one of her favourite words (I'm being ironic here). But the days got away from me and it didn't happen. I feel a bit bad about that because I love her A LOT and I don't want her to think she's less important than my other sister who got a whole blog to herself in March.

So Fi, this is for you.

I love you A LOT (have I mentioned that). I don't have the same shocked and resentful memories of your arrival into the family that I do of Moy's, I do remember however, that I really wanted a brother. I totally believed that, as there were already two girls in this family, the next child would be a boy. It just had to be. I was very surprised when it was another girl. If I'd been street savvy back then I swear (no pun intended) I'd have said WTF? I didn't though, I just took it in my (slightly bewildered) stride and got used to the fact pretty quickly. You were so cute but sheesh...noisy? Boy could you cry - that wasn't fun. So then it was a case of watching you grow up, and by the time you got to about 5 you'd overtaken me in the maturity stakes. It is still the same today. You have all the answers, you know just what to tell me even if it's not exactly what I want to hear. As soon as something (anything) happens in my life the first thing I think of is telling you (and Moy). The 50 emails we exchange every day will testify to this fact. You are absolutey, without question my very best friend (yes Moy, you are too but it's not about you today) and I'm SOOOO glad to have you in my life.

Now would you like to hear 10 special things about you? No? Well, I'm going to anyway, cos I know you love the mushy stuff.
  1. You are the world's best researcher - you can find out everything about anything.
  2. You tolerate my eccentricities and hardly raise an eyebrow (at least not in front of me).
  3. You are the world's greatest mother (even though you don't think you are).
  4. You are incredibly funny and make me laugh every day.
  5. You love strollers and know everything about them (which has given me a business idea for you - tell you later).
  6. I don't have to remember anything because you remember everything - including stuff about my friends that I've forgotten.
  7. We can email chat for hours about David Tennant (drool).
  8. I can tell you anything.
  9. You have sometimes had to put up with more than anyone should and you will still care about what is happening to me and Moy and our families. And seriously, at those times, you would have been well within your rights to not give a shit.
  10. Like me, you think people who say AWESOME are lame, but will think it's funny that I am telling you that you are AWESOME!!!!

Belated happy internet birthday wishes from me, I would be lost and heartbroken without you. In the words of Tinky Winky Biiiiggggg Huuuuggg!!!

Love you. XX

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Knitty Cat said...

Very good and all true! I second all of that!