Friday, June 29

Blissfully unemployed

My last day went well, I managed to not disgrace myself and left with my dignity intact. I came home feeling a bit strange but pretty good about the whole thing. I woke at 3.30am in one of those absolute panics, sometimes known as an 'oh fuck' moment. However after several sleepless hours and a day to think about it I'm over it and feeling pretty excited about the whole thing. Watch this space for news of the next big thing.

So I really am facing the first day of the rest of my life.

Oh and I got a voucher to buy myself a nice new camera.

This weekend we have a house full of children. Well four of them. It just feels like a house full. Our two girls and our two nephews. It's only been two hours and it's like 'Lord of the Flies' around here. Poor Tom drew the short straw is reading stories tonight, of course that means I get tomorrow night but with a bit of luck I'll be down with Bubonic Plague or similar and not actually have to go into a room alone with them. I promised Tom if he's not out in an hour I'll call the police...'cos I'm sure as hell not going in there.

If I don't get back to the blogging in the next few days would someone please notify the authorities. Just in case they've eaten us.

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